2020 has seemed to make our Little Athletes more eager than ever to hit the track! The Bendigo Little Athletics Committee (BLAC) have been taking the necessary steps required by Little Athletics Victoria (LAVIC) to comply with the new COVID-Safe Protocols.

The good news is that once LAVIC has approved our Centre for COVID-Safe competition for the 2020/2021 season, the registration portal will be opened, competition dates will be announced and competition will commence.

We are hoping to have more information on this by mid-October.

Bendigo Little Athletics Committee (BLAC) Members

At the BLAC AGM held on 25th August 2020 the following volunteer members were voted into Executive and General Committee positions. We also have TWO vacant Committee Positions that need to be filled. Will you fit the bill?

Executive Committee

  • President – Vanessa Milne
  • Vice President – Nick Storey
  • Secretary – Lynda Wilson
  • Treasurer – Nick Petersen
  • Registrar – To be filled
  • On track coaches – Ebony Whiley and Claire Murphy
  • Uniforms – Alyssia Slattery
  • Wednesday training coordinator – Peter Clarke
  • Timing solutions – To be filled

General Committee Members

  • Adam Andrea
  • Katrina Evans
  • Mick Seymour
  • Cory Mulqueen
  • Zoe Scheinker

It is never too late to be part of our Committee even as a General Committee member. The more volunteer members we have the easier it is to delegate tasks and help improve the efficiency of competition day. Without the volunteer committee members, we wouldn’t have an athletics club so it’s important for families to please consider joining.

All we ask is that you attend our monthly committee meetings, share your ideas, help us improve as a club, and have a laugh!!

Committee Positions Vacant

Volunteer Registrar

Our Committee is still looking for a volunteer registrar to join!

Your role will consist of:

  • Looking after the registration of the athletes
  • Helping organise the registration day
  • Assisting with any new registration enquiries and trial athletes
  • Helping enter the athlete data sheets from the events into HQ Results
  • Preparing reports from HQ results for committee meetings

Training will be provided and you will be joining a committee of new volunteers whom are all learning and trying to help our club grow and make our competition days flow efficiently.

Timing Solutions person needed

We are also looking for a tech-savvy person who will look after Timing Solutions for us!

Your role will consist of:

  • Setting up timing solutions on competition day
  • Making sure that the timing gates are working
  • Updating the timing solution program when needed on the computer system
  • Being our liaison with timing solutions if we are having issues.

We are very lucky that we have some volunteer helpers that have learnt how to set up the system and use it on competition day, but we do need someone to oversee this.

It’s important that these positions be filled so that we as a Committee can grow and also provide smooth and efficient competition days for our athletes.

Please email bendigo@lavic.com.au with an expression interest.

Thank you

Vanessa Milne (BLAC President) and the Bendigo Little Athletics Committee