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The Bendigo Bats is the regional cross country and road running team based in Bendigo in Central Victoria.

We want to see athletes in our Bendigo region in Central Victoria running the best they can.

Why the ‘Bats’?

Sure, Bendigo has four Athletics Victoria affiliated clubs – Bendigo Harriers, Bendigo University, Eaglehawk YMCA and South Bendigo – the ‘Bendigo Bats’ has become a unifying banner for competitive running and racing for our men, women and our junior athletes. Our young gun athletes are in their early teens and our elder states-men and states-women are in their 60’s!

Also bats ‘fly’!
… and there is also a mighty big resident fruit bat population right here in Bendigo’s own Rosalind Park. If you’ve ever been here, you’ll know what we mean.

Athletics Victoria XCR Competition


Athletics Victoria’s annual XCR competition is our main focus, but you’ll see us at other races, too. Each XCR season is traditionally ten challenging rounds across a mixture of grass cross country courses, road courses and relays. Each athlete or team scores points depending on their finishing position.
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Join the Bendigo Bats for XCR 2023

Complete our Expression of Interest form here and let us know if you’re keen to lace-up and toe the start line.

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Latest Bendigo Bats News

Bendigo XCR round at St Anne’s Ravenswood run draws field worthy of XCR nationals

A FIELD which would rival any to contest the national cross-country titles lined up for Saturday’s racing at St Anne’s Winery in Ravenswood. Athletes from near and far lined up to contest leg three in the On-backed XCR series run by Athletics Victoria. Racing was 8km, 4km or 3km distances on the picturesque course at the foot of Big Hill. Athletics Bendigo Region’s teams dominated across several categories.

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Andy Buchanan races to equal 9th fastest Australian Marathon time. ever.

Bendigo athlete Andy Buchanan smashed his personal best time in Sunday's running of the Hamburg Marathon and now holds the equal 9th fastest Marathon time by an Australian ever. Buchanan clocked an incredible time of 2 hours 10.20 minutes.

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The Socks

Feetures Blue Waves Socks
Shoes: check. Shirt: check. Shorts: check. Socks? The crew at Feetures have us covered with this special ‘blue wave’ colour way. Super comfy, perfect for winter season and oh, they look the part, too.
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The Training Singlets

The guys behind Erniold were born and bred in Bendigo. Our Sunday 7s long run incorporates the street of the company’s name sake. Lucky for us, their running kit is amazingly good quality. You won’t find better.
Visit Erniold website >

The Podcast

A not so serious podcast following through each Athletics Victoria XCR Season, hosted by Brady Threlfall and Andy Buchanan with special guests. Published on the ‘Tell Me Your Tales’ network.
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The Socials

Keep across all the latest team news and race reviews from the Bendigo Bats on Instagram.
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Bendigo Bats Athletes (2022)

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Last Name

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Chris Armstrong
Mike Bielney
Harrison Boyd
Andy Buchanan
Jordan Buckell
Matthew Buckell
Ned Buckell
Anne Buckley
Vanessa Bull
Jamie Cook
Andrew Creer
Jake Delaney
Rossi Evans
Rory Flanagan
Tarryn Furletti
Darren Hartland
Juliet Healeah
David Heislers
Matthew Heislers
Greg Hilson
Abi Hyndman
Kye Jenkyn
Bryan Keely
Trevor Kelly
Debby Kirne
Tully Lang
Tony Langdon
David Lonsdale
Phoebe Lonsdale
Angus Macafee
Thomas McArthur
Gin McCormick
Avery McDermid
Nick McDermott
Brian McGinley
Keelan McInerney
Glenn McMillan
Luke Millard
Anna Mulquiny
Kelvin Niblett
Gen Nihill
Daniel Noden
Aaron Norton
Jayden Padgham
Nigel Preston
Archie Reid
Max Rowe
Tullie Rowe
JiM Russell
Matthew Schepisi
Nathan Stoate
Ben Stolz
Brady Threlfall
Logan Tickell
Chelsea Tickell
Chris Timewell
Stephen van Rees
Jill Wilkie
Alice Wilkinson
Rebecca Wilkinson
Ebony Woodward
Ingrid Woodward
Mason Woodward

Contact Us

Get in touch with us via our Instagram page (preferred) or via the Athletics Bendigo team 

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