The Bendigo Regional Athletics Complex is equipped with everything you or your group needs to do your best: both on the track and in the field.



The Bendigo Regional Athletics Complex opened in 1999 and is located on the corner of Retreat Rd and Cook St, Flora Hill. Each year the complex is utilised by over 50 schools and 20,000 students for school sporting carnivals and training.

The complex offers groups and individuals a range of uses, including:

  • track and field competitions and championships,
  • school athletics carnivals,
  • training facilities,
  • canteen facilities, and
  • meeting room and function room hire.
  • Eight Lanes + Two Additional Sprint Lanes

    A full-sized eight lane running track, with two additional sprint lanes on the main straight for training and competition.

    We have a full compliment of hurdles and if you’re into getting your feet wet, there’s a steeple pit, too.

  • Full compliment of field facilities to jump and throw

    We have facilities for every discipline. Whether you’re keen to launch yourself in our long, triple or high jump pits or soar in pole vault, our facilities are ready and waiting for you.

    When it comes to throwing we have all the facilities for javelin, shot put, hammer throw and discus, too.

  • Lighting

    State of the art track lighting was installed in early 2020, allowing for twilight and evening competitions all year round.

  • Photo Finish

    A world class photofinish system using a Finishlynx colour camera for electronic timing. The photo finish system can judge to a thousandth of a second, although the requirement is to one hundredth of a second. Combined with a dedicated photo finish room, the system can be ‘up and running’ very quickly ahead of a competition.

  • SmarTracks – Polytan

    The track is equipped with Polytan SmarTracks technology to allow automatic detection of time, speed, jump height, step count, and more.

    Wearing a SmarTracks sensor allows athletes and coaches to see where improvements can be made and when you should be careful to prevent injury. The technology relies on a set of the magnets installed in lanes 9 and 10 for sprints at 10 metre intervals, and at 50 metre intervals in lanes 1 and 2. The technology allows automatic upload and visualisation of performance results. Please contact us to request use

  • Toilet, changeroom and shower facilities

    Making sure you’re feeling fresh to achieve your best

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As is the practice at most athletics tracks, training is Lane 1 is discouraged to preserve the life of the track. Please see below for lane lengths to encourage use of other lanes.

If athletes may request use of Lane 1 for special sessions via the General Manager. Please Contact Us

Lane Distance
1 400 metres
2 407.67m
3 415.33m
4 423m
5 430.66m
6 438.38m
7 446m
8 453.66m

Individuals are encouraged to to use the track at any time, providing there is no existing competition or school carnival hire taking place. To gain access, we invite you to apply for a swipe card. You do not need to be a member of Little Athletics Bendigo or a Bendigo athletics club to receive a swipe card, although we would naturally welcome you to!

A swipe card will automatically provide you access to the complex and toilet facilities at any time from 6am to 9.30pm, seven days a week.

  • $30 for Athletics Bendigo and Bendigo Little Athletics Registered members
  • $90 for all other users
  • $0 (FREE) Registered officials of Athletics Bendigo
  • $0 (FREE) Registered Coaches of Little Athletics Bendigo or a Bendigo athletics club who are providing coaching services free of charge.
    (Coaches that are charging a fees for coaching are required to Contact Us)

Group training is happening every week night at the Bendigo athletics track from 4pm. No matter whether you’re interested in sprints or middle distance running, jumps or throws, we can help find a coach for you.

Never had a coach before and would simply like to ‘come and try’ then that’s totally ok, too!

Take the first step: Either contact us today to discuss your needs or simply pop-in at the track.


Each year the complex is utilised by over 50 schools and 20,000 students for school sporting carnivals and training. We welcome bookings during the day, or before or after school. Special school and university rates are also available.


I enjoy Little Aths because it’s a great way to be competitive while having fun with our friends.

Caitlin, Bendigo Little Athlete
I enjoy Little Aths because it’s a great way to stay fit and healthy while having fun.
Josh, Bendigo Little Athlete

Little Aths is lots of fun. I’m always improving and keeping fit and active. I like competing against other centres at Regionals and States. I really like all the friends I’ve made, too.

Will, Bendigo Little Athlete

I like Little Aths because running is my favourite sport and it’s fun!

Tate, Bendigo Little Athlete

I like Little Aths because there are all different events and it means that everyone gets the chance to have a go at something that they like because it’s not the same every week. You get to make new friends and be part of a club that is like a little family.