Running during COVID-19: It’s hard to stay motivated, right?

Well, with the coronavirus pandemic restricting life for Bendigonians (and, well, people all around the world!) you might be wondering what your local athletics clubs in Bendigo are currently planning to do for the upcoming cross country season.

Athletics Bendigo under the guidance of our governing body, Athletics Victoria,  urges compliance with local and federal government advice and in particular the practice of social distancing and hygiene measures. You can check Athletics Victoria’s ‘COVID-19 – Everything you need to know’ here >

With this in mind and whilst it’s an evolving situation, this is the current snapshot from each of our Bendigo AV affiliated clubs:

Bendigo Harriers Athletics Club

Bendigo Harriers Athletics Club

Bendigo Harriers have been decided to hold their runs (until advised differently) as virtual handicap runs. Please understand that the emphasis is on fun and getting out and participating in something that we all love to do.

Request access to the Harriers’ Facebook group here to participate >

Anyone is welcome to join the Harriers for this initiative, however, the Club ask for certain conditions to be followed:

  • With current COVID-19 restrictions in place you must NOT run in groups of more than two people (unless running with family members).
  • Keep at least 1.5 metres apart and please don’t socialise in groups.
  • The Club also asks that you don’t run the actual course in the Harrier’s Club booklet to ensure they are adhering to the rules.
  • It is completely up to you as to where and when you choose to run, the handicappers are all over it 🙂
  • Absolutely anyone is welcome to join in this, they just ask that you run your preferred distance from the time of each weeks’ post in Facebook until midnight on following Sunday.
  • You must have your result (incl distance and time) uploaded to the relevant Facebook post by midnight on following Sunday for the results to be included for this week.

 The handicaps for this week are posted in the Harriers’ Facebook group.
  • If you are not on the list, run anyway and when they have a time you will be posted in the handicaps for the following run.

Note: All information for each weeks’ virtual run will be posted on Facebook, not on the website so please point people in the direction of this group.

Bendigo Harriers AC on Facebook
Bendigo University Athletics Club logo

Bendigo University Athletics Club

Whilst the Committee have been discussing options for some virtual runs, in the meantime the Bendigo University Athletics Club facebook page has been getting rather busy with posts during COVID-19 induced isolation.

Alongside the Gazelles, club members have been taking on some fun weekly challenges focused not on how fast you are, but about having fun and staying local.

Weekly Challenges (so far) have included:

  1. Draw a Strava Shape
  2. How much elevation
 can you cover in 7km?
  3. A Three Photo Challenge
  4. Street Name 

There’s five points awarded for participating and then additional points awarded each week for creativity and good humour.

The challenges can be done anywhere throughout the week and must be posted to the Club’s Facebook group for judging.

What challenge will be next?

Want to join in?

Jump into the Facebook group here to find out >  

Looking ahead

A slightly more formal, timed series of challenges is being considered by the Committee for later in the season. This will be dependent on the duration of isolation and social distancing guidelines.
Bendigo University AC on Facebook
Eaglehawk Athletic Club

Eaglehawk YMCA Athletics Club

No planned activities planned at this stage. The Eaglehawk YMCA Athletics Club are awaiting advice from the relevant state and federal authorities in relation to organised sport.

South Bendigo Athletics Club logo

South Bendigo Athletics Club

No planned activities planned at this stage. The South Bendigo Athletics Club are awaiting advice from the relevant state and federal authorities in relation to organised sport.