Athletics Bendigo Region clubs excelled at the 79th running of the Victorian Country Track and Field Championships in Ballarat.

Just as it had done the previous six editions, Eaglehawk reigned supreme in the race for the Margaret Saunders Country Cup as number one club on the Australia Day holiday weekend.

The Hawks scored 1423 ½ points to hold the Cup after three days of hot competition at Llanberris Reserve in Golden Point.

Next best were Geelong Guild, 958; and Wendouree, 817 ½.

South Bendigo put in another superb effort to be sixth on 670 points.

It was a top-10 finish for Bendigo Harriers as a score of 357 earned ninth place.

Although it was one of the smallest squads, Bendigo University’s tally of 65 put Pride at 17th in the final standings.

The Ex-Athletes Cup for leading women’s team, and David Kitt Memorial Trophy for number one men’s team again stayed in Eaglehawk’s hands.

Bendigo Region was represented by 112 athletes and plenty of officials and volunteers at the three-day meet run on the Australia Day weekend.

Next year’s 80th edition of the country championships will be in Bendigo.

Long-time competitor and official Craig Graham earned the Joyce Lockyer Memorial Shield for his dedication to field events. Photo by Scott Sidley

Long-time competitor and official Craig Graham earned the Joyce Lockyer Memorial Shield for his dedication to field events. Photo by Scott Sidley

Scores from the 2024 Victorian Country Track and Field Championships:

Margaret Saunders Country Cup, overall team – Eaglehawk 1423 ½, Geelong Guild 958, Wendouree 817 ½, Athletics Chilwell 754, Ballarat Harriers 675 ½, South Bendigo 670, Corio 482, Albury 419, Bendigo Harriers 357, Bellarine 338, Wellington 286 1/2, Eureka 284, Ballarat YCW 275, Athletics South West 196, Shepparton 136, Gippsland 82, Bendigo University 65, South Coast 59, Traralgon 37, Deakin 27, Wodonga 25.

Ex-Athletes Cup, women’s team – Eaglehawk 746 ½, 1st, South Bendigo 386, 6th, Bendigo Harriers 79, 14th, Bendigo University 25, 17th.

David Kitt Memorial Trophy, men’s team – Eaglehawk 677, 1st; South Bendigo 284, 6th; Bendigo Harriers 253 ½, 7th, Bendigo University 40, 17th.

Results for Athletics Bendigo Region at the 2024 Victoria Country field and track championships at Ballarat’s Llanberris Reserve:

Club legend – BH Bendigo Harriers, Eh Eaglehawk, SB South Bendigo, Uni. Bendigo University.


Men’s open

100m, wind -1.2: Sam Storer, Eh 12.71, 5th; Lachlan Carr, BH 13.42, 6th.

200m: Oliver Muggleton, SB 23.05, wind 0.7, 5th; Sam Storer, Eh 26.00, wind +0.0, 10th; Lachlan Carr, BH 28.63, wind +0.0, 11th.

400m: Oliver Muggleton, SB 51.64, 4th; Sam Storer, Eh 57.64, 11th; Lachlan Carr, BH 1:05.48, 12th.

800m: Jake Hilson, SB 1:58.36, 3rd.

1500m: Jake Hilson, SB 4:12.56, 2nd.

5000m: Jake Hilson, SB 16:21.59, 4th.

10,000m: Jake Hilson, SB 36:09.38, 1st.

110m hurdles, wind -0.6: Lachlan Carr, BH 30.68, 3rd.

400m hurdles: Sam Storer, Eh 1:09.44, 1st; Lachlan Carr, BH 1:10.16, 2nd.

High jump: Cameron Greenwood, Eh 1.90m, 2nd.

Long jump: Cameron Greenwood, Eh 6.35m, wind +0.0, 1st; Lachlan Carr, BH 4.88m, wind -2.9, 3rd.

Pole vault: Rhys Hansen, SB 4.10m, 3rd.

Triple jump: Daniel Chisholm, Eh 12.90m, wind -0.2, 2nd; Cameron Greenwood, Eh 12.81m, wind +0.0, 3rd; Lachlan Carr, BH 9.77m, wind +0.0, 5th.

Women’s open

100m: Juliet Heahleah, Eh 17.36, wind -0.1, 7th.

200m: Juliet Heahleah, Eh 37.10, wind 1.3, 8th.

400m: Juliet Heahleah, Eh 1:24.02, 5th.

800m: Juliet Heahleah, Eh 3:17.27, 3rd.

1500m: Juliet Heahleah, Eh 7:03.07, 3rd.

5000m: Taryn Furletti, SB 17:59.47, 4th; Juliet Heahleah, Eh 25:05.23, 5th.

10,000m: Juliet Heahleah, Eh 53:12.70, 1st.

4 x 100m relay: Eaglehawk (Julia Hattingh, Giselle Hattingh, Olivia Graham, Abbey Hromenko) 55.84, 5th.

100m hurdles, wind 1.3: Juliet Heahleah, Eh 29.06, 2nd.

400m hurdles: Juliet Heahleah, Eh 1:41.00, 2nd.

3000m steeple: Juliet Heahleah, Eh 15:52.46, 2nd.

Discus: Olivia Graham, Eh 35.44m, 3rd; Amber Fox, SB 34.39m, 4th; Claire Noonan, Eh 22.82m, 5th; Siobhan Thompson, Eh 22.29m, 6th.

Hammer: Olivia Graham, Eh 48.64m, 1st; Jemma Norton, SB 33.17m, 3rd; Claire Noonan, Eh 26.13m, 4th.

Javelin: Keely Trew, SB 35.14m, 2nd (Bendigo pre-veteran record); Siobhan Thompson, Eh 32.01m, 3rd; Abbey Hromenko, Eh 31.95m, 4th; Claire Noonan, Eh 22.80m, 6th.

Shot put: Emma Berg, SB 14.90m, 1st; Abbey Hromenko, Eh 10.83m, 3rd; Olivia Graham, Eh 9.48m, 5th; Siobhan Thompson, Eh 8.24m, 7th; Claire Noonan, Eh 7.14m, 8th.

High jump: Abbey Hromenko, Eh 1.55m, 2nd; Eliza Coutts, BH 1.50m, 3rd; Jessica Grigson, Eh 1.35m, 5th.

Long jump: Jorja Morrison, Eh 5.45m, wind 2.1, 3rd; Julia Hattingh, Eh 4.73m, wind 2.2, 4th; Jessica Grigson, Eh 4.68m, wind +0.0, 5th.

Pole vault: Emma Orme, SB 3.10m, 2nd.

Triple jump: Jorja Morrison, Eh 10.91m, wind +0.0, 3rd.

Ambulant male

100m, wind 1.5: Tim Sullivan T38, Eh 12.74, 84.30%, 1st.

200m, wind -0.2: Tim Sullivan T38, Eh 26.06, 83.72%, 1st.

400m: Tim Sullivan T38, Eh 1:01.84, 79.77%, 2nd.

60-plus men

100m, wind -1.4: Eric Baker, BH 16.27, 2nd; Stephen Ryan, Eh 18.47, 3rd.

200m, wind -4.1: Stephen Ryan, Eh 38.84, 2nd.

400m: Eric Baker, BH 1:23.20, 1st.

800m: Eric Baker, BH 3:10.07, 1st.

1500m: Mike Bieleny, Uni. 4:50.43, 1st; Eric Baker, BH 6:53.1, 3rd.

3000m: Mike Bieleny, Uni. 10:31.06, 1st.

2000m steeple: Eric Baker, BH 10:37.37, 1st.

Discus: Stephen Ryan, Eh 19.96m, 3rd.

Hammer: Stephen Ryan, Eh 20.23m, 3rd; Terry Hicks, Eh 15.32m, 4th.

Javelin: Terry Hicks, Eh 26.31m, 1st; Eric Baker, BH 23.37m, 2nd; Stephen Ryan, Eh 19.06m, 4th.

Shot put: Terry Hicks, Eh 7.33m, 4th; Eric Baker, BH 7.13m, 5th; Stephen Ryan, Eh 7.03m, 6th.

High jump: Terry Hicks, Eh 1.20m, 2nd.

Long jump: Stephen Ryan, Eh 2.97m, wind 3.2, 2nd.

60-plus women

100m, wind 0.1: Catherine Monahan, Eh 16.30, 1st; Joan Self, SB 17.25, 2nd; Peta Dawe, SB 19.01, 3rd.

200m: Catherine Monahan, Eh 34.28, wind 0.2, 1st; Kathryn Heagney, Eh 37.46, wind -2.6, 2nd; Jennifer Rusbridge, Eh 39.42, wind -2.6, 4th; Peta Dawe, SB 43.30, wind -2.6, 5th.

400m: Catherine Monahan, Eh 1:18.40, 1st; Kathryn Heagney, Eh 1:24.82, 2nd; Julie Verga, Eh 1:27.43, 4th; Jennifer Rusbridge, Eh 1:33.28, 5th; Peta Dawe, SB 1:42.48, 6th.

800m: Julie Verga, Eh 3:59.05, 1st; Kathryn Heagney, Eh 4:01.31, 2nd.

4 x 100m relay: Eaglehawk (Jennifer Rusbridge, Catherine Monahan, Kathryn Heagney, Julie Verga) 1:08.99, 1st (Bendigo 60-plus record); South Bendigo (Joan Self, Annette Curtis, Peta Dawe, Carol Coad) 1:19.03, 2nd.

1500m walk: Annette Major, Eh 10:01.22, 1st; Annette Curtis, SB 12:00.67, 2nd.

Discus: Carol Coad, SB 18.82m, 1st; Joan Self, SB 18.12m, 3rd; Julie Verga, Eh 16.53m, 5th; Peta Dawe, SB 16.34m, 6th; Catherine Monahan, Eh 14.22m, 7th; Annette Major, Eh 13.10m, 8th; Jennifer Rusbridge, Eh 12.61m, 9th; Kathryn Heagney, Eh 11.92m, 10th.

Hammer: Carol Coad, SB 22.36m, 2nd; Jennifer Rusbridge, Eh 17.45m, 3rd; Catherine Monahan, Eh 16.60m, 4th; Peta Dawe, SB 13.15m, 5th.

Javelin: Carol Coad, SB 16.70m, 1st; Joan Self, SB 16.17m, 2nd; Julie Verga, Eh 16.00m, 3rd; Annette Curtis, SB 12.93m, 5th; Jennifer Rusbridge, Eh 11.26m, 7th.

Shot put: Julie Verga, Eh 7.35m, 3rd; Joan Self, SB 7.33m, 4th; Catherine Monahan, Eh 6.16m, 5th; Peta Dawe, SB 6.11m, 6th; Annette Major, Eh 5.53m, 7th; Kathryn Heagney, Eh 5.44m, 8th; Jennifer Rusbridge, Eh 5.42m, 9th.

Long jump: Carol Coad, SB 3.22m, wind 1.8, 1st.

Triple jump: Joan Self, SB 7.38m, wind +0.0, 1st; Carol Coad, SB 7.21m, wind -0.9, 2nd.

50-plus men

100m, wind -0.8: Neil Shaw, BH 13.13, 1st; Dave Chisholm, Eh 13.27, 2nd; Antony Langdon, Eh 13.82, 3rd; Chris Kadri, Eh 14.44, 5th.

200m, wind -2.0: Dave Chisholm, Eh 26.87, 1st; Lawrence Price, BH 27.58, 3rd; Antony Langdon, Eh 27.84, 4th.

400m: Dave Chisholm, Eh 1:00.92, 1st; Lawrence Price, BH 1:03.16, 2nd; Antony Langdon, Eh 1:04.81, 3rd.

800m: Gordon Muir, Eh 2:23.59, 1st; Greg Hilson, SB 2:23.78, 2nd; Antony Langdon, Eh 2:42.17, 5th.

1500m: Gordon Muir, Eh 5:03.30, 1st; Greg Hilson, SB 5:04.04, 2nd.

3000m: Gordon Muir, Eh 11:18.91, 2nd; Greg Hilson, SB 11:36.10, 3rd.

10,000m: Greg Hilson, SB 41:27.69, 1st.

4 x 100m relay: Bendigo Harriers (Geoff Jordan, Neil Shaw, Peter Clarke, Lawrence Price) 53.08, 1st (Bendigo 50-plus record); Eaglehawk (Chris Kadri, Antony Langdon, Craig Graham, Stephen Ryan) 1:03.27, 3rd.

100m hurdles, wind 0.3: Dave Chisholm, Eh 18.60, 1st; Antony Langdon, Eh 22.55, 2nd.

400m hurdles: Dave Chisholm, Eh 1:09.63, 1st; Greg Hilson, SB 1:11.05, 2nd; Antony Langdon, Eh 1:22.89, 3rd.

3000m steeple: Geoff Jordan, BH 15:55.87, 2nd.

Discus: Peter Clarke, BH 28.13m, 4th; Craig Graham, Eh 25.33m, 5th; Chris Kadri, Eh 20.96m, 6th.

Hammer: Craig Graham, Eh 31.51m, 2nd; Geoff Jordan, BH 20.98m, 4th; Chris Kadri, Eh 18.76m, 5th.

Javelin: Neil Shaw, BH 27.94m, 4th; Chris Kadri, Eh 25.99m, 5th.

Shot put: Peter Clarke, BH 9.97m, 3rd; Neil Shaw, BH 9.12m, 5th.

High jump: Greg Hilson, SB 1.45m, 1st; Neil Shaw, BH 1.40m, 2nd.

Long jump: Neil Shaw, BH 4.94m, wind 1.6, 1st; Greg Hilson, SB 4.80m, wind -1.2, 2nd; Chris Kadri, Eh 3.96m, wind 2.2, 4th; Geoff Jordan, BH 3.58m, wind 2.2, 5th.

Pole vault: Greg Hilson, SB 2.80m, 1st; Geoff Jordan, BH 2.00m, 2nd.

Triple jump: Greg Hilson, SB 9.69m, wind -1.9, 1st.

50-plus women

100m, wind 1.4: Trudy Haines, SB 16.32, 3rd.

200m, wind -0.6: Rebecca Soulsby, BH 32.56, 2nd; Jackie Guillou, SB 36.61, 5th.

400m: Jackie Guillou, SB 1:23.07, 2nd.

800m: Sandra Kadri, Eh 3:35.83, 1st.

80m hurdles, wind 2.6: Trudy Haines, SB 19.14, 1st.

2000m steeple: Sandra Kadri, Eh 11:59.74, 2nd.

Discus: Sandra Kadri, Eh 16.07m, 3rd.

Javelin: Trudy Haines, SB 20.61m, 1st; Sandra Kadri, Eh 12.02m, 3rd.

Shot put: Rebecca Soulsby, BH 9.24m, 2nd; Sandra Kadri, Eh 6.13m, 4th.

High jump: Trudy Haines, SB 1.25m, 1st.

Long jump: Trudy Haines, SB 3.34m, wind 2.1, 1st.

Long-time competitor and official Craig Graham earned the Joyce Lockyer Memorial Shield for his dedication to field events. Photo by Scott Sidley

Long-time competitor and official Craig Graham earned the Joyce Lockyer Memorial Shield for his dedication to field events. Photo by Scott Sidley

40-plus men

100m, wind -1.7: Hugh Richard, Eh 12.05, 1st; David Zanelli, BH 12.65, 2nd; Scott Stubbs, BH 16.30, 6th.

200m, wind 0.3: Hugh Richard, Eh 24.84, 1st.

400m: Hugh Richard, Eh 55.10, 1st; Graeme Noonan, Eh 1:07.90, 3rd.

800m: Hugh Richard, Eh 2:22.65, 1st; Graeme Noonan, Eh 2:45.08, 3rd.

4 x 100m relay: Eaglehawk (Tim Sullivan, Dave Chisholm, Graeme Noonan, Hugh Richard) 51.63, 1st; South Bendigo (Aaron Norton, Leigh Browell, Greg Hilson, Shane Miller) 56.63, 2nd.

3000m steeple: Leigh Browell, SB dnf.

5000m walk: Leigh Browell, SB 41:14.19, 1st.

Discus: Aaron Norton, SB 26.45m, 5th; Chris Timewell, SB 24.58m, 5th; Graeme Noonan, Eh 21.41m, 7th; Scott Stubbs, BH 18.40m, 9th.

Hammer: Aaron Norton, SB 23.76m, 3rd; Chris Timewell, SB 19.49m, 6th; Scott Stubbs, BH 19.18m, 7th.

Javelin: Brett Gilligan, BH 38.43m, 1st; Chris Timewell, SB 29.73m, 3rd; Graeme Noonan, Eh 23.67m, 4th; Leigh Browell, SB 14.66m, 5th.

Shot put: Graeme Noonan, Eh 8.18m, 5th; Aaron Norton, SB 7.46m, 8th; Scott Stubbs, BH 7.33m, 9th; Leigh Browell, SB 7.04m, 10th.

Long jump: David Zanelli, BH 5.32m, wind 2.4, 1st; Scott Stubbs, BH 3.09m, wind 1.6, 4th.

Triple jump: David Zanelli, BH 9.91m, wind +0.0, 1st.

40-plus women

100m, wind -1.0: Leah Langtree, Eh 16.93, 2nd.

800m: Leah Langtree, Eh 4:01.51, 4th.

4 x 400m relay: Eaglehawk (Sandra Kadri, Catherine Monahan, Julie Verga, Jennifer Rusbridge) 6:07.06, 2nd.

80m hurdles, wind 2.6: Leah Langtree, Eh 23.19, 1st.

2000m steeple: Leah Langtree, Eh 12:07.75, 2nd.

Discus: Jayne Norton, SB 31.13m, 1st; Leah Langtree, Eh 24.12, 3rd.

Shot put: Jayne Norton, SB 7.96m, 2nd.

Triple jump: Jayne Norton, SB 7.80m, wind -0.3, 1st.

Under-20 men

100m: William Beaton, Eh 12.04, wind -0.2, 7th; James Cations, Eh 12.35, wind -0.2, 10th.

200m: Daniel Chisholm, Eh 24.08, wind 0.8, 7th; William Beaton, Eh 24.45, wind 0.8, 8th.

400m: Daniel Chisholm, Eh 53.61, 7th; James Cations, Eh 55.94, 9th; William Beaton, Eh 58.74, 10th.

10,000m: Josh Evans, BH 45:35.25, 3rd.

4 x 100m relay: Eaglehawk (William Beaton, Daniel Chisholm, Cameron Greenwood, Fletch Watchman) 47.02, 5th.

110m hurdles, wind 4.1: William Beaton, Eh 17.88, 4th.

400m hurdles: William Beaton, Eh 1:06.60, 3rd.

Discus: Jake Gavriliadis, BH 39.19m, 4th; William Beaton, Eh 28.73m, 5th.

Javelin: Daniel Chisholm, Eh 37.51m, 6th; Josh Evans, BH 34.18m, 7th.

Shot put: Jake Gavriliadis, BH 12.65m, 1st.

High jump: Cameron Greenwood, Eh 1.90m, 1st; Connor Clarke, BH 1.80m, 4th.

Long jump: Cameron Greenwood, Eh 6.58m, wind 1.9, 2nd; Daniel Chisholm, Eh 5.93m, wind 2.3, 5th.

Triple jump: Daniel Chisholm, Eh 12.90m, wind 0.2, 2nd; Cameron Greenwood, Eh 12.81m, wind +0.0, 3rd; William Beaton, Eh 11.66m, wind 0.4, 5th.

Under-20 women

100m: Jorja Morrison, Eh 13.00, wind 5.0, 3rd; Andrea Archibald, Eh 13.09, wind 0.4, 4th; Jessica Grigson, Eh 13.23, wind 5.0, 5th.

200m: Jessica Grigson, Eh 27.41, wind 1.8, 3rd; Sophie Scoble, Eh 28.29, wind -1.1, 6th; Caitlin Evans, BH 28.39, wind 1.8, 7th; Andrea Archibald, Eh 28.46, wind -1.1, 8th; Eliza Coutts, BH 28.65, wind -1.1, 9th.

400m: Sophie Scoble, Eh 1:03.20, 5th; Giselle Hattingh, Eh 1:07.82, 9th; Caitlin Evans, BH 1:08.51, 10th.

800m: Giselle Hattingh, Eh 2:40.82, 5th.

4 x 100m relay: Eaglehawk (Jessica Grigson, Jorja Morrison, Andrea Archibald, Isabella Noonan) 51.75, 1st.

400m hurdles: Sophie Scoble, Eh 1:16.69, 1st; Caitlin Evans, BH 1:17.89, 2nd.

Discus: Cassidy Miller, SB 26.32m, 4th.

Hammer: Jemma Norton, SB 33.00m, 1st.

Javelin: Cassidy Miller, SB 23.30m, 4th.

Shot put: Cassidy Miller, SB 8.25m, 3rd.

High jump: Eliza Coutts, BH 1.50m, 2nd; Cassidy Miller, SB 1.40m, 3rd; Jessica Grigson, Eh 1.35m, equal 4th; Julia Hattingh, Eh 1.35m, equal 4th.

Long jump: Jorja Morrison, Eh 5.52m, wind 1.7, 1st; Jessica Grigson, Eh 5.02m, wind 1.6, 2nd; Andrea Archibald, Eh 4.77m, wind 1.5, 5th; Julia Hattingh, Eh 4.63m, wind 1.0, 7th.

Triple jump: Jorja Morrison, Eh 10.84m, wind 1.2, 2nd; Andrea Archibald, Eh 9.93m, wind +0.0, 5th; Julia Hattingh, Eh 9.79m, wind +0.0, 6th.

South Bendigo's pole vault star Rhys Hansen who earned bronze in open final and gold in the under-18 class. Photo by SCOTT SIDLEY

South Bendigo’s pole vault star Rhys Hansen who earned bronze in open final and gold in the under-18 class. Photo by SCOTT SIDLEY

Under-18 boys

100m: Lewis McIntosh, Eh 12.12, wind 1.6, 4th; Oscar Kerby, Eh 12.50, wind 0.4, 6th; Roman Griffiths, Eh 13.20, wind 0.4, 10th; Nicholas Siddall, Eh 13.23, wind 0.4, 11th; Fletch Watchman, Eh dq.

200m: Fletch Watchman, Eh 23.67, wind 0.3, 4th; Lewis McIntosh, Eh 24.78, wind 0.3, 6th; Oscar Kerby, Eh 25.85, wind 0.5, 10th; Roman Griffiths, Eh 27.28, wind 0.5, 12th; Nicholas Siddall, Eh 27.76, wind 0.5, 13th.

400m: Lewis McIntosh, Eh 52.45, 3rd; Oscar Kerby, Eh 1:00.28, 9th; Nicholas Siddall, Eh 1:02.84, 10th.

800m: Avery McDermid, Uni. 2:01.44, 1st; Oscar Kerby, Eh 2:30.42, 13th.

1500m: Avery McDermid, Uni.; 4:08.75, 1st; Oscar Kerby, Eh 5:17.66, 9th; Nicholas Siddall, Eh 5:59.16, 10th.

3000m: Sebastian Rossi, BH dnf.

4 x 100m relay: Eaglehawk (Roman Griffiths, Lewis McIntosh, Cooper Richardson, Lincoln Norris) 47.96, 1st; South Bendigo (Charlie Sullivan, Jasper Seymour, Rhys Hansen, Kai Norton) 49.06, 2nd.

400m hurdles: Fletch Watchman, Eh 59.84, 1st; Roman Griffiths, Eh 1:20.24, 3rd.

Hammer: Lincoln Norris, Eh 24.79m, 1st.

Javelin: Roman Griffiths, Eh 24.93m, 3rd.

High jump: Fletch Watchman, Eh 1.60m, 4th.

Long jump: Lincoln Norris, Eh 5.06m, wind 5.9, 3rd; Roman Griffiths, Eh 4.70m, wind 3.8, 4th.

Pole vault: Rhys Hansen, SB 3.80m, 1st; Lincoln Norris, Eh 2.40m, 2nd.

Triple jump: Lincoln Norris, Eh 10.22m, wind -0.2, 4th; Roman Griffiths, Eh 9.91m, wind -1.5, 5th.

Bendigo University's Avery McDermid capped two brilliant runs to strike gold in the under-18 800m and 1500m. Picture by Scott Sidley.

Bendigo University’s Avery McDermid capped two brilliant runs to strike gold in the under-18 800m and 1500m. Picture by Scott Sidley.

Under-18 girls

100m: Isabella Noonan, Eh 13.36, wind 3.1, 7th; Justine Hattingh, Eh 14.18, wind 3.1, 13th.

200m: Scarlett Southern, Eh 26.96, wind 0.9, 5th; Isabella Noonan, Eh 27.20, wind 0.5, 7th; Justine Hattingh, Eh 30.01, wind 1.7, 17th.

400m: Scarlett Southern, Eh 59.27, 1st; Isabella Noonan, Eh 1:02.24, 5th.

800m: Genevieve Nihill, SB 2:21.73, 3rd.

1500m: Genevieve Nihill, SB 4:54.91, 4th; Abbey Reid, Uni. 4:55.16, 5th.

3000m: Abbey Reid, Uni. 10:35.98, 3rd.

4 x 100m relay: Eaglehawk (Alyssa Beaton, Justine Hattingh, Sophie Scoble, Naomi Henderson) 53.64, 4th.

100m hurdles, wind 1.9: Alyssa Beaton, Eh 17.71, 4th; Naomi Henderson, Eh 17.78, 5th.

400m hurdles: Alyssa Beaton, Eh 1:13.09, 5th.

2000m steeple: Abbey Reid, Uni. 7:29.73, 1st.

Discus: Amber Fox, SB 33.85m, 1st; Hailey Stubbs, BH 25.39m, 3rd.

Hammer: Hailey Stubbs, BH 44.71m, 1st.

Javelin: Justine Hattingh, Eh 19.73m, 2nd.

Shot put: Amber Fox, SB 10.29m, 3rd; Hailey Stubbs, BH 8.51m, 6th.

High jump: Alyssa Beaton, Eh 1.40m, 5th.

Long jump: Naomi Henderson, Eh 4.87m, wind 0.8, 3rd; Alyssa Beaton, Eh 4.82m, wind +0.0, 4th; Isabella Noonan, Eh 4.50m, wind +0.0, 6th; Justine Hattingh, Eh 4.34m, wind +0.0, 8th.

Pole vault: Emma Orme, SB 2.80m, 1st.

Triple jump: Alyssa Beaton, Eh 10.35m, wind -1.1, 2nd; Naomi Henderson, Eh 10.20m, wind 0.3, 3rd; Isabella Noonan, Eh 9.58m, wind +0.0, 6th; Justine Hattingh, Eh 9.29m, wind +0.0, 7th; Giselle Hattingh, Eh 8.91m, wind +0.0, 11th.

South Bendigo's Kai Norton, Connor Wilson and Jasper Seymour achieved a clean sweep in the under-16 shot put. Photo by Scott Sidley.

South Bendigo’s Kai Norton, Connor Wilson and Jasper Seymour achieved a clean sweep in the under-16 shot put. Photo by Scott Sidley.

Under-16 boys

100m: Cooper Richardson, Eh 11.62, wind 1.8, 2nd; Charlie Sullivan, SB 12.12, wind 2.2, 5th.

200m: Cooper Richardson, Eh 23.84, wind -0.7, 2nd; Charlie Sullivan, SB 24.99, wind 2.6, 7th; Kai Norton, SB 25.38, wind -0.7, 9th.

400m: Cooper Richardson, Eh 55.30, 5th; Jack Denton, BH 57.17, 6th.

Discus: Jasper Seymour, SB 50.07m, 1st; Kai Norton, SB 46.40m, 2nd.

Hammer: Kai Norton, SB 42.86m, 2nd; Jasper Seymour, SB 31.61m, 3rd.

Javelin: Kai Norton, SB 48.04m, 1st.

Shot put: Connor Wilson, SB 16.98m, Kai Norton, SB 15.50m, 2nd; Jasper Seymour, SB 14.72m, 3rd.

High jump: Jack Denton, BH 1.65m, equal 1st; Kai Norton, SB 1.65m, equal 1st.

Triple jump: Cooper Richardson, Eh 11.11m, wind +0.0, 3rd.

South Bendigo's Chelsea Tickell charged to double gold as she took out the under-16 800m and 1500m finals. Photo by Scott Sidley.

South Bendigo’s Chelsea Tickell charged to double gold as she took out the under-16 800m and 1500m finals. Photo by Scott Sidley.

Under-16 girls

100m: Nisha Luff, Eh 14.18, wind 1.9, 16th.

400m: Nisha Luff, Eh 1:05.48, 6th; Imogen Brown, Eh 1:05.97, 7th; Millie McIntosh, Eh 1:11.02, 10th.

800m: Chelsea Tickell, SB 2:20.44, 1st; Amalie Southern, Eh 2:32.53, 4th; Imogen Brown, Eh 2:35.29, 5th; Millie McIntosh, Eh 2:37.43, 6th; Nisha Luff, Eh 2:37.47, 7th; Grace Mulqueen, Uni. dq (WA TR 17.3.1).

1500m: Chelsea Tickell, SB 4:57.05, 1st; Grace Mulqueen, Uni. 5:18.04, 4th; Imogen Brown, Eh 5:25.41, 6th; Millie McIntosh, Eh 5:33.29, 8th; Charlise McQueen, Eh 5:44.39, 9th.

4 x 100m relay: Eaglehawk (Nisha Luff, Millie McIntosh, Emma Colt, Imogen Brown) 56.54, 5th.

2000m steeple: Amalie Southern, Eh 8:33.45, 1st; Charlise McQueen, Eh 9:01.83, 2nd.

3000m walk: Charlise McQueen, Eh 18:20.14, 2nd.

Discus: Eliza Evans, BH 26.28m, 2nd; Charlise McQueen, Eh 17.80m, 4th.

Javelin: Eliza Evans, BH 23.37m, 3rd.

Shot put: Eliza Evans, BH 8.22m, 3rd.

High jump: Kate Wilson, Eh 1.59m, 1st.

Long jump: Imogen Brown, Eh 4.14m, wind 2.6, 11th; Nisha Luff, Eh 3.93m, wind 1.3, 12th.

Under-14 boys

100m, wind -1.9: Nate Ralton, Eh 13.42, 1st; Josh Richardson, Eh 14.61, 2nd.

200m, wind +0.0: Josh Richardson, Eh 30.53, 2nd.

800m: Benji Carfoot, Eh 2:18.81, 2nd; Tate McQueen, Eh 2:49.93, 8th.

1500m: Benji Carfoot, Eh 4:45.67, 3rd; Tate McQueen, Eh 5:24.77, 7th.

90m hurdles, wind 2.1: Nate Ralton, Eh 15.76, 1st.

1500m walk: Tate McQueen, Eh 7:45.13, 1st.

Discus: Josh Richardson, Eh 17.43m, 1st.

Long jump: Nate Ralton, Eh 4.68m, wind 3.8, 1st.

Triple jump: Nate Ralton, Eh 9.04m, wind -0.3, 3rd; Josh Richardson, Eh 7.87m, wind -0.3, 5th.

Under-14 girls

100m: Mia Schodde, SB 13.60, wind 1.2, 3rd; Priya Luff, Eh 14.16, wind 1.0, equal 7th; Emma Colt, Eh 14.23, wind 1.2, 9th; Abby Colt, Eh 14.64, wind 1.2, 10th: Lyla Muir, Eh 16.42, wind 1.2, 11th.

200m: Mia Schodde, SB 29.47, wind -3.6, 7th; Emma Colt, Eh 29.75, wind -3.6, 8th; Priya Luff, Eh 31.05, wind -3.6, 10th; Abby Colt, Eh 32.12, wind -3.6, 11th; Lyla Muir, Eh 36.05, wind -3.6, 12th.

400m: Lucy Richard, Eh 1:11.43, 6th; Lyla Muir, Eh 1:23.51, 8th.

800m: Lucy Richard, Eh 2:47.54, 3rd; Lyla Muir, Eh 3:25.08, 5th.

1500m: Lucy Richard, Eh 5:47.37, 4th; Lyla Muir, Eh 6:38.66, 5th.

4 x 100m relay: Eaglehawk (Abby Colt, Lucy Richard, Priya Luff, Lyla Muir) 1:04.15, 1st.

80m hurdles, wind 2.9: Emma Colt, Eh 14.75, 5th.

200m hurdles, wind 1.1: Emma Colt, Eh 33.93, 3rd; Jordyn Lewis, SB 38.46, 5th.

Javelin: Lucy Richard, Eh 11.42m, 4th.

High jump: Mia Schodde, SB nm.

Long jump: Mia Schodde, SB 4.31m, wind 2.3, 2nd; Emma Colt, Eh 4.20m, wind 1.9, 3rd; Priya Luff, Eh 3.78m, wind 1.3, 4th; Abby Colt, Eh 3.71m, wind 3.2, 5th.

Pole vault: Jordyn Lewis, SB 2.60m, 1st.

Triple jump: Emma Colt, Eh 8.71m, wind 0.3, 3rd; Mia Schodde, SB 8.71m, wind -0.9, 4th; Abby Colt, Eh 8.04m, wind 1.7, 6th.