ATHLETES with links to Bendigo Region clubs were in superb form on the first weekend of Athletics Victoria’s open and under-age state track and field championships. The medal haul for Bendigo on week one of a two-weekend event at Melbourne’s Lakeside Stadium was eight gold, seven silver, and one bronze.

The gold rush began when South Bendigo’s Chelsea Tickell won the under-14 girls 1500m in 4:59.08.

Although now competing with Albury, Logan Sandland did have a stint with Bendigo Harriers and won the under-17 hammer, 63.35m; and shot put, 14.76m.

It was a closely-fought contest in the under-17 shot put as Jake Gavriliadis from Bendigo Harriers achieved a mark of 13.67m to claim silver.

Another of Harriers’ rising stars, Harrison Boyd was second in the under-18 1500m final run on night one of the championships in 4:06.51.

A highlight of the third day’s action was the under-18 2000m steeplechase in which Boyd took gold in 6:04.27 and Bendigo University’s Jayden Padgham ran 6:05.42 to earn silver.

There was great success for Bendigo Region at hammer throw.

Hailey Stubbs (pictured) from Bendigo Harriers reached a mark of 34.92m to be the state under-15 champion.

Bendigo athlete Hailey Stubbs throws in competition

Bendigo athlete Hailey Stubbs throws in competition

Eaglehawk’s Olivia Graham hit 50.59m to win silver in the open hammer final.

In high jump action, Liam Shadbolt from Bendigo Harriers cleared 1.98m to win gold in the under-16 final.

Harriers clubmate Harriet Gall earned silver after a great leap of 1.60m in the under-17 contest.

It was another state championship victory for South Bendigo’s Emma Berg as a mark of 14.60m in shot put clinched gold.

South Bendigo clubmate Kai Norton was in top form as a mark of 13.18m won the under-14 shot put title, and he hit 31.62m in hammer to claim the silver medal.

A mark of 12.45m earned South Bendigo’s Jasper Seymour a bronze medal in the under-14 shot put.

Results for athletes with links to Bendigo Region:

Men’s open:

100m, heat four, wind 0.3: Kye Mason, Eh 11.21, 3rd (qualify).

100m, semi-final two, wind 0.4: Kye Mason, Eh 11.02, 4th.

400m, heat three: Kye Mason, Eh 49.35, 2nd (qualify).

400m final: Kye Mason, Eh 49.12, 5th.

1500m, heat two: Glenn McMillan, Shepp. 4:03.43, 10th.

Women’s open

100m, heat three, wind -1.0: Laura Kadri, Eh 13.55, 8th.

400m, heat two: Laura Kadri, Eh 61.88, 6th.

1500m final: Nicolette Lesberg, Uni. dnf.

High jump: Denise Snyder, Eh dns.

Hammer: Olivia Graham, Eh 50.59m, 2nd.

Shot put: Emma Berg, SB 14.60m, 1st.

Under-20 men

100m: Kenan Seebah, Eh; Antonio Vaitohi, Shepp. dns.

400m, heat one: Angus McKindlay, Eh 50.12, 1st (qualify).

400m final: Angus McKindlay, Eh 49.32, 8th.

400m: Kenan Seebah, Eh dns.

Under-20 women

1500m final: Tullie Rowe, Uni. 4:43.55, 4th.

Hammer: Hannah Greenman, BH 29.17m, 4th; Claire Noonan, Eh 28.07m, 5th; Haylee Greenman, BH 26.28m, 6th.

Under-18 men

100m, heat one, wind 1.3: Cameron Smith, Eh 11.93, 5th.

400m, heat three: Cameron Smith, Eh 53.54, 4th.

1500m final: Harrison Boyd, BH 4:06.51, 2nd; Angus Macafee, Uni. 4:14.27, 8th.

2000m steeplechase: Harrison Boyd, BH 6:04.27, 1st; Jayden Padgham, Uni. 6:05.42, 2nd.

Under-18 women

100m, heat one, wind 1.3: Andrea Archibald, Eh 12.92, 3rd (qualify).

100m final, wind -1.2: Andrea Archibald, Eh 12.89, 5th.

High jump: Frances Leach, BH 1.60m, 2nd; Eliza Coutts, BH 1.55m, 4th.

Under-17 boys

400m, heat one: Daniel Noden, BH 56.11, 5th.

1500m, heat two: Logan Tickell, SB 4:17.26, 4th (qualify).

1500m final: Logan Tickell, SB 4:05.47, 5th.

Hammer: Logan Sandland, Alb. 63.35m, 1st.

Shot put: Logan Sandland, Alb. 14.76m, 1st; Jake Gavriliadis, BH 13.67m, 2nd.

Under-17 girls:

Hammer: Jemma Norton, SB 33.82m, 5th.

High jump: Harriet Gall, BH 1.60m, 2nd.

Triple jump: Lily Marsh, Eh 10.69m, wind 1.5, 7th; Rosy Marsh, Eh 10.47m, wind 1.5, 8th.

Under-16 boys

High jump: Liam Shadbolt, BH 1.98m, 1st.

Under-16 girls

400m, heat two: Scarlett Southern, Eh 60.89, 3rd (qualify).

400m final: Scarlett Southern, Eh 60.04, 5th.

1500m final: Genevieve Nihill, SB 5:00.48, 10th.

Under-15 boys:

1500m, heat one: Merlin Tzaros, BH 4:32.20, 4th (qualify).

1500m, heat two: Avery McDerdmid, Uni. 4:29.51, 5th (qualify).

1500m final: Avery McDermid, Uni. 4:23.10, 5th; Merlin Tzaros, BH 4:49.45, 15th.

Hammer: Hailey Stubbs, BH 34.92m, 1st.

Shot put: Hailey Stubbs, BH 7.45m, 6th.

Under-14 boys

Hammer: Kai Norton, SB 31.62m, 2nd.

Shot put: Kai Norton, SB 13.18m, 1st; Jasper Seymour, SB 12.45m, 3rd.

Under-14 girls:

1500m final: Chelsea Tickell, SB 4:59.08, 1st.