The Bendigo Athlete Development Program (ADP) is on the lookout for Bendigo’s most promising young athletes, and it’s call out for 2021 applications is now open.

What is the Athlete Development Program?

The Athlete Development Program (ADP) supports student athletes by linking classroom learning and sport. The long-term, select entry program, offers student athletes full-time access to highly skilled staff and coaches, working closely together to shape their sporting pathway.

The program encourages students to find their best, both through their sport of choice and in the classroom. Shaping and supporting students’ passions, academic progress, behavioural expectations and efforts through the program is a key focus for all staff in getting the best out of their students.

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Here’s what some existing athletes have had to say:

“ADP has helped me not only as an athlete, but as a person, too. I’ve improved significantly since joining the ADP squad. My times and enthusiasm for running has skyrocketed.”
~ Harrison, Year 9 student at Bendigo South East Secondary College

“ADP has offered me high quality training to help me improve my training and potential on race day. The ADP Athletics squad is like one big family and we support each other’s training together.”
– Phoebe, Year 9 student at Crusoe College

Who can apply?

The program is no longer just for Bendigo South East SC students. The ADP has been expanded to include students from Bendigo South East Secondary College, Crusoe College, Eaglehawk Secondary College, Weeroona College Bendigo and Bendigo Senior Secondary College.

This expansion aligns with the Bendigo Education Plan vision of schools working together to give young people equal access to quality programs, facilities and opportunities.

Who are some of the athletics coaches?

For the Athletics ADP coaching team features Terry Hicks as Sprints Coach and Andy Buchanan as Distance Coach, amongst others.

How do applications work?

Admission into the program is select-entry. Selection is based on an applicant’s previous school-year report and a character reference, as well as physical and sport squad testing.

Students must satisfy minimum criteria in sport, attitude to learning, behaviour and effort to be eligible for selection.

To be considered for entry, applicants must:
• Be enrolled at Bendigo South East College, Crusoe College, Eaglehawk Secondary College or Weeroona College Bendigo for year of commencement
• Submit a complete ADP application by July 31st
• Attend selection trial(s), as required

How do I know if I or my child would be suitable?

Interested parents and students are welcome to speak with Terry Hicks or Andy Buchanan to see if they feel the program will be suitable for them.

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Athletics Bendigo is a program partner of the Bendigo Athlete Development Program (ADP)